Collision Course

Collision Course

This weekend there was a collision in the English Channel between an Oil Tanker and a Cargo Container ship. The ships collided between the UK and France, 15 miles from Dover early on Saturday morning say the coastguard. Although both ships have been damaged neither are taking on water or polluting the sea.

Thankfully this type of event doesn’t happen very often but there are many occassions where your cargo can retain some damage or loss in the transportation chain.

It is important for every business that is moving cargo to

a) Understand the limits of liability that will be applied if you cargo is damaged

b) Understand the circumstance under which liability will be paid

c) Know how to protect your busines against lost or damage.

Want to know how much compensation you will get if your cargo is damaged in a container collision? Sign up to one of our Risk and Insurance classes on Logicom Hub’s website.


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