Forklift Training

Forklift Training

Forklift drivers are in high demand in industries across the UK. Forklift drivers, also known as industrial truck drivers, are in great demand all over the UK in industries where moving heavy objects is involved. Specific licensing is necessary for forklift drivers, which may be taught on site or be required prior to hiring in to a company or organisation.

Forklift Training has three parts:

  1. Formal instruction such as a lecture, discussion, interactive computer learning, videotape and or written material.
  2. Practical training which includes hands-on demonstrations by the trainer and exercises by the trainee.
  3. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the training by observing the operator’s performance while doing actual work.

At Logicom Hub we use a local business partner JLD Training that is an accredited SQA training centre with over 40 years of experience in training. They have an excellence pass rate as well as excellent training facilities. JLD are part of the National Logistic Academy.

Different Types of Forklifts Trained:
  • Counterbalance: is the most widely used forklift truck in operation.
  • Reach forklift: trucks are a common type used in most industrial sectors.
  • HIAB: forklifts are designed for those who use truck mounted loader cranes.
  • Moffett: invented the concept of the Truck-mounted Forklift more than 40 years ago; Moffett Forklifts are effective & Heavy duty.
  • Telehandler: forklift truck is known for its ability to reach heights that common forklift types are unable to reach. Telescopic forklift operation requires specialist training and knowledge of safety laws.