How to avoid Demurrage Charges

How to avoid Demurrage Charges

Delays in shipping are commonplace and as a result, customers may incur a multitude of extra charges which they have not catered for. One such extra charge is the Demurrage charge.

“Demurrage is a charge levied by the shipping line to the importer in cases where they have not taken delivery of the full container and move it out of the port/terminal area for unpacking within the allowed free days.”

Demurrage charges can vary country to country as well as by carrier. To complicate matters further, fees are applied per container as well as per day after a designated free time of typically 3-5 days.

To find out why Demurrage charges may be incurred and how to avoid them. Read this great article from the FreightHub.

10 Tips to Avoid Demurrage


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