The Benefits of Online Dangerous Goods Training

Dangerous Goods training and staying compliant with the ever changing regulations is a must for individuals who are involved in the transportation of hazardous materials by air, road or Sea. Traditionally the industry has funnelled employees through classroom and on the job training. The industry is starting to see a much more blended approach to teaching students with the introduction of on-line training courses, webinars, virtual training sessions, work assignments to be completed. It truly is exciting times. 

At Logicom Hub Ltd we love offering our customers different types of solutions that make sense to both our businesses. One of our blended solutions is On-line Dangerous Goods or On-line Lithium Battery training. 

The Benefits of Online Dangerous Goods Training


24/7 Accessibility

Meets the mandatory training standards for ICAO / IMO and UNECE. Course is updated in line with regulation changes so your team is always meeting the required standards. Exam is assessed by the system and an independent adjudicator. All our air on-line training is approved by the UK CAA.

Can be accessed at any time, from any place. As long as you have a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access, you can complete the training at your own convenience. 



Training is taken at the students own pace or at a schedule determined by the employer. Modular testing occurs at the end of each module to build student confidence. Topics can be revisited at any time Delivers consistent standard of training across your organisation whether UK or Global, ensuring company wide quality assurance.

Cost Effective

After Training Support

On-line training is a fraction of the cost of classroom based training. Less disruptive to your work force. Avoids travel costs associated with engaging external training providers. We ensure that our students know how to apply the skills and knowledge gained by allowing accessing to external support  to transfer skills and knowledge to your workplace building confidence and job relevance.


Interactive Training Experience 

With a background in dangerous goods and training design and development our courses are interactive and contain audio and visual elements to help student retain information as well as interpret the information for application in their work environment.  As one of the first companies in the UK to offer online dangerous goods training, Logicom Hub Ltd has provided effective and efficient training to students across the globe.

Information is provided in a logical learning sequence and in clear language, aimed to make it easy for you to adopt and navigate the regulations. 

Our courses are scorm compliant, including administration functions to monitor student progress in local, national and global training programs. If required courses can be customised to incorporate Company specific procedures and policies.

We are continually looking to improve our customer experience during the training so take seriously the comments and feedback that is collected during the course evaluations.

Purchase Options

Due to our wide range of customers we understand that we must also offer different purchasing options from single course purchase through to company wide. Access to IATA, IMDG or ADR is required for our interactive training courses - temporary access can be purchased along with the course. We are currently offering discounts on multiple course bundles and group discounts. If you need assistance in selecting the right online dangerous goods training please Contact Us Online or by Phone: 0330 912 5041 we will be happy to help.