Lithium Batteries by Air

Certification Training Course

With the regulations continually changing; this Class 9 Lithium Batteries, training course deals with transporting Lithium ion UN3480, UN3481, Lithium metal UN3090 and UN3091 by Air transportation. 

This in-depth Carriage of Lithium Batteries by Air training provides delegates with the skills and knowledge required to correctly pack, mark and label and prepare shipments of lithium batteries for transport by air. Giving the delegates the confidence to transfer the knowledge of the IATA regulations into their work environment.

The Air course is fully approved in the UK by the Civil Aviation Authority, and concludes with an open book validation test. Successful candidates will receive a certification in shipping lithium batteries, valid for two years, after which they must refresh their qualification.

This training course compliments the Full IATA / CAA Dangerous Goods by Air training or as a standalone training.  It is designed to assist shippers and freight handling organisations in the correct transporting of these dangerous goods.  

We can deliver this training in multiple ways:

Experienced Dangerous Goods Delegates: Complete over 1 day or take the On-line Training

New to Dangerous Goods or Lithium Batteries: Cover over 1.5 - 2 days

Lithium batteries are divided into two sections
1. Lithium Content type – e.g., Lithium ion, Lithium metal and
2. How they are going to be transported e.g., stand alone batteries, lithium batteries contained in or packed with equipment.

Lithium Batteries by Air Course Objectives:

• Correctly prepare a consignment of lithium batteries for air transportation
• Adhere to practices and standards regarding acceptance and responsibilities for the preparation and handling of lithium batteries for air transportation.

Lithium Batteries by Air Course Content:

• UK Law and Applicability
• Identification of Lithium ion and lithium metal batteries
• Classification, Proper Shipping Name and Special Provisions
• Packaging Requirements
• Marking & Labelling requirements
• Preparing the documentation – shipper’s declaration and transport documents for carriage

IATA Lithium batteries by air certification UK
Is this training for you?

If you are packaging or arranging the transport of Lithium Batteries by Air  - this is the right training for you. If you have a Dangerous Goods by Air training certification and need a more detailed understanding of Lithium Batteries - this is the right training for you. 

Choose the way you would like to learn Classroom, In-House or On-line and select the option from the Menu on the right.

Note: If you would liked to complete the On-Line version you will require access to the latest version of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. If you do not have this resource please add temporary online access to your basket along with the course when you purchase.

  • Pre-Requisite:

    Dangerous Goods Awareness

  • Study Type:

    Classroom-Based or  On-line*

  • Training Type:

    Certified CAA Qualification

  • Duration:

    Classroom 5 hrs Training - 2 Hr Examination

    On-Line Training - 6 hrs - 2 hr Examination

    * Online - Recommended for experienced users that hold an existing Lithium Battery Qualification or those that have completed a Dangerous Goods Awareness pre-requisite.


On-Line Lithium Battery Training - £185

More than 10? Contact Us for Large Group Deals

1st April 2020 - Basildon

In conjunction with Essex Chamber of Commerce

14th - 16th April 2020 - £285

3 x 4 hr Webinars

26th - 28th May 2020 - £285

3 x 4 hr Webinars

23rd July 2020 - £285

17th September 2020 - £285

12th November 2020 - £285

Need In-House Training?

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Our aim is to provide interactive training that builds confidence in new skills and knowledge in all attendees. We support businesses to stay in front of the regulations as the world of logistics and dangerous goods changes and ensure compliance is the key to controlled and effective supply chains. 


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